Getting Closer

We are now less than two weeks away from Avery's delivery and starting to get fairly anxious about what is coming. We have known since December that these moments were coming, but they are still incredibly challenging. For some reason, it seems the anticipation of her arrival is just sickening in a way. That sounds horrible to say, but the truth is, we are both so scared of what is to come. I have to be honest and say that I'm not sure the word "excitement" comes to mind when describing how both Shane and I are feeling right now. It makes me angry that I am not excited, because I should be. This should be one of the most exciting exhilarating times of our lives. I feel like the "excitment" of a new baby has been stolen from me...and I want it back...that's where the anger comes.

I imagine that the next 10 days are going to be really hard. We try to stay busy and stay positive, but it's a stretch. We both just want this all to be over with. Of course, that is about the farthest thing from reality right now.

As of today, I am 38 weeks and still feeling physically pretty good. Let's just say, I am loving Tylenol right now. OB appointment today was good. No major changes...fluid is good, Avery is growing, not dialated...blah blah blah. We will have one more visit here in Fayetteville on May 7th and then we will prepare to head down to Little Rock on May 10th. My parents arrive on May 9th and will be accompanying us to LR. Avery's delivery is still scheduled for May 12th. I am not sure of the exact time, but we have been instructed to check in to UAMS around 7am.

As for what's on my mind at the moment, I am starting to dread the financial impact the next couple of weeks/months will have on us, leaving my home and my dog, recovering from surgery, and the sheer terror of having no idea what to expect in regards to how this is going to affect pretty much everything in our lives.

Although there are a lot of things that we are fearful about, we have been showered with relentless love and support from so many people. I wish I could name them all, but it is impossible! Each person has given in his/her own unique way and we are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love. We have both been deeply touched by the graciousness and selflessness that has been shared.


Please Pray for These Families

In December, when we learned of Avery's condition, I began to search the Internet for other people's stories in regards to CDH. When I started this blog, I was overwhelmed by the "CDH Family" that exists in cyberspace. There are many many families that are dealing with this condition, and although many of us have never met in person, we have bonded. We all check up on each other and keep up with the successes and challenges that each CDH baby brings. In the months that I have been blogging about Avery, two babies have been born with CDH, Maxton and Kaden. We are deeply saddened that both of these little boys did not survive. They fought for weeks and were brave troopers, but their little bodies were just not strong enough.

Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers. I can imagine that there is nothing more painful than the loss of a child. I cry for their pain and I selfishly cry for myself because I don't want to lose my child.


Uneventful...and Pictures

I had my regular weekly checkup (36 weeks) today which was pretty much uneventful. Avery is about 5lbs. and fluid is still at 11. Not dialated and everything else looks good. I'm physically feeling really good so that is fabulous! For those of you who are curious about what I look like at almost 9 months pregnant, wait no more!!!!


Just Waiting...A Little Longer

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that the nurse in Little Rock called yesterday afternoon and told me that Dr. Wendel really wants to wait a little longer for Avery's delivery. He looked at dates and her recent measurements and concluded that May 12th would be better. So, May 12th it is.

We know it's good for Avery, but we are getting tired of waiting :)


Just Waiting

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this updated! We are continuing to try to keep moving forward through the weeks. It is a constant struggle to stay positive. I spoke with the nurse from the Little Rock office where we have been seeing the high risk OB (Dr. Wendel). After some conversations back and forth, it is looking like we will schedule my csection for Tuesday, May 5. I will be 38 weeks and a couple days. That is only about three weeks away which is kinda crazy! I think for both Shane and I it was nice to have some idea of when Avery will arrive, but on the other hand, it is absolutely terrifing. It is like a countdown to complete chaos.

On a good note, my appointment last Friday with Dr. Duke was great. Fluid is just peachy and Avery is gaining weight so that continues to encourage us.

We are beginning to make plans for the weeks ahead. In some ways it seems like there is tons to do but really we just have to wait and see what happens. My main concern right now is getting to the planned date. I really do not want to have any excitment early...but of course there is no telling what might happen. Next appointment is Thursday, April 16th. I do not anticipate much change in fluid or other issues. If things were going to get worse, they probably would have done so by now. Love to all of you from Fayetteville!


So Far, So Good

Today marks 34 weeks for baby Avery Mae. We had an OB appointment today with Dr. Duke (regular OB) as well as an ultrasound to check fluid levels and growth. As of today, Avery weighs about 4lbs. 5oz. and my fluid level is 15, both of which are right on track. This news is encouraging because it indicates that Avery is swallowing and peeing the way she should be doing. Hopefully this means that her digestive tract is functioning somewhat normally.

Not much else to report. Shane and I went to lunch after the appointment and I think we both feel encouraged. There is a little children's boutique next to Jason's Deli and we bought Avery a little peach crochet hat with a white flower on it. This is the first thing that we have bought for her so it was kind of a sentimental moment!

Next appointment is next Friday, April 10. I'll keep you all posted on any new developments!