Just Waiting...A Little Longer

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that the nurse in Little Rock called yesterday afternoon and told me that Dr. Wendel really wants to wait a little longer for Avery's delivery. He looked at dates and her recent measurements and concluded that May 12th would be better. So, May 12th it is.

We know it's good for Avery, but we are getting tired of waiting :)


  1. Waiting is for the birds. :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Dont worry too much about your fluid. Mine reached a high of 44 and it would it go up and down. I am praying for you and Avery. Get lots of rest now.

  3. At least you have a birthday! I am happy you can start planning. That is a small relief I guess! Sorry we missed each other last week! We definitely need to get together before May 12! Let me know what I can do to help in any way.

  4. I have just started reading your blog-- my daughter was born on Mar.4 with CDH. All throughout my pregnancy- I too could not go out and buy her anything and I was soo angry about that. Finally by around 34 weeks- I decided everything was going to be just fine and I and my husband decorated her room. She is doing great- everything was up in her chest cavity, even portions of her liver. It took her 13 days to get surgery but once that was done she has continued to get better. We are still at the hospital but she is now on 30cc's of formula and doing great. Oh and when I was pregnant my amniotic fluid was pretty steady at 24-25.

    Have they given you the steroids for her lungs yet?