Here's the Update

Well, it's been awhile since I have gotten around to posting anything...partly because I have been busy and partly because I just have not felt like there was much to tell. So, here is the latest on what the family has been up too!

The biggest news is that I got a job! I am starting on January 4th at Rivendell Behavior Health. I'm very excited, scared, nervous and all that, but I think this is going to be a great opportunity for me. It is a step towards putting all the pieces back together. I will the counselor for the outpatient day school. There will be a lot of things to put together before I start and I'm hoping everything will work out.

We had a good Thanksgiving holiday. We spent a couple days in Louisiana with Shane's family and then headed back to AR for the weekend. It was great to get away and have some time to relax. I was just not sure how we were going to handle the holiday without Avery. It was really a mixed feeling for me. I so desperately wish that Avery could have been with us. But in a way, it is because of her that we were able to be together as a family for the whole holiday break. It's hard to explain. All in all, we are doing our best to keep going forward.

Kaitlyn is continuing to do great! She is still loving Kindergarten and having a lot of fun making new friends. It's hard to believe that this first year of school is almost half over. I knew it would go fast.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to heal. Pray that I find after school care for Kaitlyn and that our house sells. We are so very thankful for all your continued support. Your comments and encouragement really do mean so much and we are just so grateful to have such wonderful friends!



It's Been A Long Week

Well, I just wanted to take a few minutes to check in with all of you. The past week was really hard for both Shane and me. Both of us were feeling pretty negative about our situation right now and it has just been really hard to see the light at the end. I know it's there, but it's only flashing...not continuous. I know there are going to be good days and bad, but I am so craving some consistency.

I had a job interview this morning and it went pretty good. I am a little bit concerned about adding another stressful component to our situation, so we'll see. Our biggest challenge continues to be our lack of "home". I am just dying right now to have my things. I want to come HOME. I am thankful that we have a place to stay, but it's going on six months that we have been away from all that we know. I feel like if we could just get that piece settled, we might have a chance at making some progress. Everything just seems to be at a standstill.

It is very difficult to make decisions right now because it is almost impossible to distinguish the truth. One day you feel one way and the next day you feel another. It's so hard to know what feeling is connected to what and in the end, it becomes a big mess of mush. I just wish there was something I could do to make things better. I WANT TO SELL OUR HOUSE!!!! I feel so helpless!!

So please continue to keep us in your prayers. Pray for some sort of patience and guidance. We continue to feel somewhat lost and are just hoping that we are doing the right things.