Some Photos and Quick Update

The Girls

Michael McAlister Stewart II

Touching something squishy!

I meant to put up some photos from our trip to Tulsa and forgot. One is the newest addition to the Stewart family (Carissa's family), Michael McAlister Stewart II. He is such a doll! The others are from the Oklahoma Aquarium.
In other news, we went to the OB today for an ultrasound and check-up. No real exciting news to share. My fluid levels looks good. It's a little higher than it was two weeks ago but still well within the "normal" range. Avery weighs about 3 1/2 pounds which is right on target. We got some really good 3D pics of her. I will try to get those on here ASAP.


  1. Yeah for the good report! Thought of you this morning! See you guys soon!

  2. Hello Carissa! My name is Courtney Connelly and I am Meredith Fields big sister. She talks about you a lot and how much she enjoys your friendship. I hope we will be able to meet one day for lunch as Meredith says we have so much in common! Take care of yourself and my thoughts are with you and your family.

  3. Sweet pictures of your little family. CUTE baby!! Looking forward to seeing you soon...and as always, your are in my prayers.