Long Weekend

Well I've reached my last day of time off. I was out of work last Wednesday and Thursday because Kaitlyn was sick, and then out on Friday because of snow and ice. The snow is melting and we are all anxious to get out and back to our routine!

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty good around here. We are very close to moving into our rental house. We all went over yesterday to take a couple things over and everything looks really good. The grass is in and the fence should be up next week! This is a big piece of our healing so honestly we are all very excited to be reunited with our things! We left our house in Fayetteville on Mother's Day last year...it's hard to believe how long it has been! We have been so blessed along the way with housing and care, and I am just so thankful for everything.

Let's see...two dear sweet friends welcomed beautiful baby boys into the world last week! I am so happy for these lovely women and their families! Many of my cyber CDH mommas are expecting and I am really starting to feel excited about the possibility of adding to our own family!

So on to another week! I'm so happy to welcome February!



  1. Sounds like healing is occuring in small steps. Thank you Jesus for the steps forward!

  2. Good luck moving! May this year bring many blessings and happiness your way! You and your family deserve it!!

  3. Yay for February! So glad for your new place! Still praying for you guys lots!

  4. thinking of you and praying for you.

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