Still Here

I have been super busy the past week or so. I have had lots of thoughts brewing in my head. When I get a moment to sit quietly and update you all on everything, I will. Thanks to all who have continued to give in precious ways. We are continuously reminded of the generosity of dear friends. I cling tightly to the constant support. I truly believe that it is that support that has guided both Shane and me through the past few months. We are forever grateful!

It's been a month since Ave's death...love you baby girl!!



  1. I'm glad you updated. We still check in on you and Shane and think of you often. I hope you are healing and spending some good time with each other.


  2. Last night during prayer time, I asked the kids who they wanted to pray for. We went through the list, said our prayers. Afterwards, our daughter looked at me and said we need to pray for Avery. At first instance it took my breathe away. But then I was reminded, Avery is in a place of no more pain, no more tears. But her life still lives on in the hearts of all who prayed for her. And we still pray for her family as they travel the road ahead.

  3. I'm still here, too! (i smile a little cause that's how i sign all my posts to you..."still here").

    without a bunch of wordy words, as a stranger to your daily life but still feeling a connect thru the loss we both are enduring...know that i cling to faith WITH you. Let this offer you hope that you'll never be alone. I pray many many in your immediate life are walking WITH you, too.

    still here.

  4. cant believe its been a month. still here, too.

  5. Still here too... complete stranger that fell in love with Avery. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. We were on vacation 2 weeks ago... my daughter's name is Ava and I was looking for things that were personalized when we were in shops... could never find an Ava, but always saw and Avery. Instant tears came to my eyes.