Getting Better

Well as of yesterday, Avery's fluid was negative...which is a good thing. Basically, she peed out more than the amount of fluid that was put in. She needs to be "negative" for a little bit in order for her swelling to go down. The surgeons were in this morning to put a wound vac on the area where Avery had her silo. The silo wound could not be closed completely because there was not enough skin. Slowly over time, the wound vac will pull the skin together. At least that's how I think it works. For those of you how have been through issues with CDH, I thought I would just update you on some of Avery's numbers. Her blood pressure is in the 70's and her heart rate is paced at 140. Her O2 saturation is in the high 90's. Vent setting is at 40% oxygen and rate is 38. Her last CO2 came back at 40. I know all that is confusing and honestly I can't really explain well what all those numbers mean, but most of them are really good.

I am feeling better today. I am slowly crossing things off my list of things to get done. Lots of phone calls and just keeping up with details. Shane is helping a lot and we are hoping to get the house on the market soon. Pray it sells! Kaitlyn has a fever so she is taking it easy today. I am off to the grocery store and then home.

I'll let you know if anything else changes. Thanks for supporting us!



  1. Her numbers do look good! I've been doing my homework! I'm praying for yall and that sweet baby girl.

    candice brooke

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2009

    So so good to hear that baby Avery is doing better. Continue praying for all of you...

    San Jose, Ca.

  3. I don't know if I have ever commented before, but I wanted you and your family to know that I've been praying for all of you ever since I came across your blog last month. So happy to hear that she is showing signs of improvement.

    God Bless XOXO,

    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Wow, what an undertaking. Moving, selling a house, etc., what trying times. I am just so glad you all can move and be closer to baby Avery. Take care and you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    ATL, GA

  5. So, so, so glad for a better day! I'll call soon.

  6. Her numbers sound good! Continuing to pray for you!

  7. Her numbers look good!! Keep fighting Avery and I hope her swelling goes down soon and the wound vac works. Praying for baby steps in the right direction.

    (((HUGS))) - Tracy

  8. I have heard of Avery through Bethany Gillham and have been keeping up with her that way. I am happy to hear that she is doing good and will continue you to pray for you and your family and sweet lil Avery. Hope Kaitlyn feels better soon too.

  9. I am so happy to hear she is doing better today.. all of your are in my thoughts and prayers everyday! Avery is such a fighter... I pray she continues to have good days! HUGS!

  10. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    Carissa and Shane
    I was checking in to see how this precious baby girl was doing and how you guys were holding up. A few years ago I got really close to a patient of ours who's baby girl had down's syndrome. I visited her frequently and remember how terribly swollen little Addison was after heart surgery. I pray progress continues and the swelling subsides. I want to thank you and your family for being human and your honesty of how hard all of this can be. It amazes me everytime I read your post (and I have read them over and over)!! I will say a prayer and be on the lookout for a home for you and your family. God is good! Amanda(ultrasound)

  11. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    Love and prayers to you all. I hope that Ms. Avery keeps making baby steps forward each and every day and that Kaitlyn is feeling much better. Shane, I hope that your job is going well and you are getting settled into a new routine. Carissa, hang in there.

    Love DeLynn

  12. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    It is so wonderful that Avery has come this far. It has been a difficult road for all of you, but the blessings continue to flow. One day you will look back and realize how much strength you gained for life and how your faith in God was strengthened through it all. No matter where I am, I keep up with your blog and always remember you in prayer. How beautiful it is to see the countless numbers of people throughout the world talking to God in your behalf and espcially for sweet little Avery. May God continue to bless all of you and especially Avery to full recovery. She is so precious. Goldie McGarrah

  13. AnonymousJuly 08, 2009

    Just wanted you to know that yall are in our thoughts and prayers daily. I pray that Shane, you, and Kaitlyn adjust to living there now, and things just keep getting better for you. I pray that Avery keeps recovering, and one day soon you will have her in your arms on your way home. Love and prayers, The Givens