Memorial Day Memories...

Nothing major to report from the weekend crew at ACH. We had lunch at hospital with Mimi and a friend. Avery had a few more SVT's last night, but they kept it under control. They also turned on the oscillator for her lungs and went down on her Ecmo circuit a couple of notches...great news! I saw Dr. Seib in the cafe' and he had good things to say about her progress. We have friends and family coming to visit tomorrow and other than that we are really trying to let her rest her little eyes and lungs. We saw her stitches from the CDH repair for the first time(pic above) and I don't think she will ever be able to tell she had surgery when she gets to her "bikini" years!! All in all we are staying positive and continuing to lean on each other. Thanks to all and have a blessed Memorial Weekend.


  1. So glad to hear the good news. Thinking of you and won't stop praying!!!

    She sure is a fighter, isn't she??? I'm so proud of all of y'all. You're being so strong. I hope when the twins are born, we'll be able to have this much strength!


  2. Love that she is wearing the shoes again. Stylish like her mama.

    Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you all day, as usual.

    Hope you can enjoy your time with the friends coming by and family already there.

  3. YEAH!! We are praying soon that ECMO will not be needed and that Avery is strong enough to do everything on her own!

  4. i don't know your family, but my family and i are praying HARD for you in texarkana! i am so encouraged by what a FIGHTER avery is! she has already proven what an over-achiever she is! i'm praying that in His time i'll be seeing pictures of you guys at home with your precious sweet pea!

  5. I know you guys are so proud of little miss Avery and I am too!!! She is taking those little baby steps forward and I will continue to pray that she continues in that direction. Many prayers for you all!

  6. AnonymousMay 23, 2009

    This little girl is amazing!! She blesses my heart everytime I check the blog!!! love and prayers ,the Givens

  7. Shawna MeyersMay 23, 2009

    YEAH!!! I knew from the very begenning that she was a fighter!!! And as for her scar we all have our flaws (or scars I sure do) but I think that she is PERFECT!!! Avery has helped me in so many ways. She will never know how much she has help and brightend my everyday! I have not met her but I know that I love her!!!

  8. AnonymousMay 23, 2009

    So pleased to hear the good news!!! You may not remember me, but I was friends with Liz Welter while we were at Rampart HS. She told me about little Avery and I have been praying ever since. I'm trusting God for a miracle.
    With Hope,
    Keeley (Stamm) Klopfer

  9. AnonymousMay 23, 2009

    Just Goldie McGarrah here again letting you know our entire family speaks of sweet baby Avery each day and we are all remembering her and your entire family in our prayers. We keep daily check on your blog and her progress and we are maintaining faith that all is going to be well. She is definitely wanting to live and is fighting hard as you stand beside her to help her through this major trial of her little life. May God continue to bless all of you and bring comfort and peace and special blessings to sweet Avery.

  10. my thoughts and preys our with yall

  11. Goodness...those pink slippers! What a doll.

    We are praying hard in Georgia!!