Big Day!!!

I just got an email from Shane...

He said that if all goes as planned, Avery will have her CDH repair surgery later today!!

The doctor did an echo of her heart and said that hole is still there, but the good news is that she does not have pulmonary stenosis, which is the narrowing of things that...shouldn't be narrow. (Hey, I'm not a doctor!) I think basically what it means is that there is good blood flow between Avery's heart and lungs.

They are changing her ECMO cicuit again (which she has done well with in the past) and giving her some steroids in preparation for her surgery this afternoon.

Also, today is Avery's one week birthday!!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!!!

Please, pray for Avery, her doctors and her parents this afternoon. I'm sure all will be fine. This is a BIG step in the right direction!!!

Shane wanted me to pass along the address of the house where they are staying...

The Fields Centre
Attn: Keirsey Family
4000 Woodlawn
Little Rock, AR 72205


  1. Will be praying for Avery, her doctors and nurses performing her surgery this afternoon!! A Peace of mind and heart for you all, knowing that the Lord has his hands on your sweet little Avery!!

    Nashville, TN

  2. Many, many, many prayers being said for you here in KC!

  3. From one day to one week, and many more to come. God has his hand around you all. Will be praying hard for her surgury. love and prayers,The Givens

  4. I can't wait to hear more! I'm thinking of you, Avery.

  5. I have been watching lil avery and praying for her everyday thanks so much for the updates and good luck with the surgery today! Avery is absolutely angelic praying that surgery goes well along with the days ahead.

    Ashley Jackson
    CDH Mom to Claire