Pee = Praise

Good morning! This is Bethany again with an update on Miss Avery.

She had a much better night. She has started peeing a lot more and for that we are all SO very thankful!!! The plan for today is to possibly due a proceedure on Avery's SVC (Carissa has mentioned this in an earlier post and truthfully, I would not know where to begin when it comes to explaining it.) using a catheter. The cath. proceedure carries it's own set of risks and I know Shane and Carissa are worried about those. But, if it saves Avery Mae, then it must be done.

I know Shane and Carissa appreciate your prayers and support so very much. Please be praying for Avery today. She is truly the "Energizer Baby." I can't believe how much she has overcome. Prayers have been answered over and over again.


  1. Yea for pee! That's great news! We'll keep praying in Ohio - it's obviously working!!!

  2. Loving those kidneys, Avery! Keep it up girl! We are continuing to pray. God has big plans for you, Little Miracle!

  3. Praise God! He Listens!

    Still Praying


  4. Yeah, I prayed for lot of pee, that is wonderful, still lifting Avery and her heart and kidneys to continue to heal and function as they need to. Praying for mom and dad for peace and calm, and rest as they continue to sit and wait this whole "Season" out.

  5. Praise God!!! I was talking to my husband last night about sweet Avery and we both stopped and prayed for pee. :-) Many continued prayers!


  6. I said a long prayer for her last night.....All you can do is give it to God. lots of prayers.....................

    love Candice Brooke

  7. The Sublette'sJuly 12, 2009

    Still praying for Avery... Carissa and Shane our hearts are with you both and Kaitlyn...

    Love to you all... Pat and Holli

  8. Actually woke up thinking about her a couple of different times last night. We'll continue to pray. Keep up the good work little one!