Avery moved rooms today. The move didn't have anything to do with her, they just needed her room for a new baby coming in to the CVICU. Shane and I watched as they got all the wires unplugged and organized. It's hard to believe that moving a five pound baby could be so much work and required 5 nurses! She tolerated it well though so we left to let her rest. We are staying close to the hospital today. The surgeons are supposed to close her chest at some point. I guess there was an emergency surgery so we'll see if they get to her. It may be tomorrow. As I have said before, we don't rush surgeons!

In other news, Kaitlyn will be coming back to Little Rock on Friday. She has had a fever and has not quite been herself, but hopefully she will continue to get better. She has been happily occupied by our friends in Fayetteville, but is always eager to come back to us. Not much else going on...just staying close to Avery to cheer her on. If she responds well to the chest closure and the heart team can keep her stable for a couple days, she may be moved to the NICU. We shall see...

I'll let you know when we hear any more news about surgery.



  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2009

    Continuing to pray that little Avery will respond well to whatever the doctors have in store for her. I know that you both have to be exhausted and weary, so I pray for rest whenever possible. God has and will continue to bless your family as you seem to all go in different directions. You are all in our thoughts and in our hearts. Please let us know if you need anything.

    Spanky and DeLynn

  2. Praying for the surgery. The NICU is great as well. Wonderful nurses just like the CVICU. Plus you don't have to go up as many floors on the hospital and are closer to the cafeteria :)

  3. Mommy_of_YaDaJune 18, 2009

    Praying for you precious child. She tolerated the move well...what a soilder! Hope everything continues to move forward. One step at a time. Please let us know about the surgery and/or anything else...we are on a constant watch to make sure Ms. Avery is doing well. I truly love that lil girl. I think many of us do.

  4. Still praying for Avery and this long journey you are all on Hope Kaitlyn feels better soon. I'll have to tell you what K said in regard to her the other day. Their memories are something!

  5. Avery is in our prayers...what a warrior that precious little girl. Hope her next surgery is a success and she continues fighting and holding her own. Prayers for Kaitlyn that she feels better soon. She has to be totally overwhelmed and my heart goes out to her. Thinking of you and your family! Keep fighting Avery.

    Hugs, Tracy

  6. Still praying sweet friends, continue to rest and regroup whenever you can. We all have our burdens, but we each need to believe that He is watching and blessing us with tender grace as though we were His only ones. Kiss my Katie for me and blow kisses to that little angel Avery Mae.