Wednesday Night

I just spoke with Shane and the news tonight is somewhat discouraging, but by no means, hopeless.

The doctors have to decided to postpone Avery's surgery for 24 hours. Her blood pressure is low, her platelets are a little out of whack and she is swollen due to poor kidney function, which they believe is a result of her low blood pressure.

She is being put on two new anti-biotics because they feel as though she may have an infection, but so far all of her blood cultures have come back negative.

Carissa, Kaitlyn and their families were able to spend the day at the hospital and were able to get in some quality time with Avery. Carissa is back at the hotel for the night to get some much needed rest, while Shane is spending the night at the hospital to keep a close eye on Avery.

Please continue to pray for Avery...that her little body is storng enough to fight all that is laid out before her. I will update tomorrow.


  1. I know you guys must be bummed... but hang in there. It's amazing how things happen for a reason. I have been praying for you all day and will continue to do so. Fight little Avery!!! We all know you can do it!

  2. Come on Avery girl, you can do it! Praying this delay only improves her strength!

  3. Heather BriggsMay 14, 2009

    Aaron and I are praying for you and your little miracle baby. She is so beautiful! You guys are doing a great job of being there for her and advocating for her. I'm sure she feels your love and support and encouragement. She is blessed to have such wonderful parents.

    Heather and Aaron Briggs

  4. Be strong Avery!!!! You can win this battle! We are praying for you!!!

    Love, Stephanie