Afternoon Update #2

This is Bethany again. I spoke with Carissa on the phone just a few minutes ago and she passed along some new information about Avery.

When Avery got to ACH this afternoon, they did an echo-cardiogram (a fancy test) of her heart. They were trying to determine where to go from this point on. The doctors basically said that they didn't feel Avery could withstand the CDH repair surgery without being on ECMO (a heart/lung bypass machine). However, ECMO is a risky procedure, especially with a heart defect involved. But, after careful consideration, the doctors at ACH have decided to go ahead with the ECMO procedure, which is under way right now.

This will, hopefully, be a time for Avery's heart and lungs to rest and get stronger.

Carissa is feeling well and is planning on getting up and trying to walk within the next couple of hours. If all goes well, she will be discharged in the morning. I know it's so hard for her to be away from Avery. As for tonight, she is planning on some down time with Kaitlyn and her good friends.

Carissa said she will be in touch with me through the evening hours and as soon as I know more I will update the blog.

Hopefully, this will be a quiet, restful night for everyone. Keep the prayers coming!

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  1. I'm continuing to pray for little Avery!!!

    Mommy to Sofie - LCDH & ECMO survivor