13 is a lucky number!

Well, we have made it thru a full day, Avery's birthday! We didn't think we would get out of Fayetteville in time, and we did. We conquered the C-section, with some agony on Carissa's part. Our hope that we would hear a wimper out of Avery's frail little body came true as she came into the world! She also transferred from one machine to the next by the talented Angel One Ground Team with the only complications being adjustments and tweaking of valves and knobs. A smooth ride over to ACH seemed effortless! The scary but sometimes misunderstood ECMO was challenging because of Avery's difficult anatomy, but the heart team put their heads together and went straight to the problem area, literally. And as I stayed with Avery for a while tonight, tickling her cute little toes, stroking her tiny warm head, and whispering in her fuzzy little ear. My hopes that she would respond to her Daddy's familiar voice that she has heard over these past months came true! She twitched her eyes and stretched her foot while trying to grasp my finger with her itty bitty hand... and we made history together because it is now May 13th, 2009. As we push thru the night I know now we must win these little battles as a family and take it one hour at a time, or you can just call them "baby steps"! Good night Mae Baby, Love Daddy.


  1. Pat and Holli SubletteMay 13, 2009

    Blessings to you all and I will continue to pray for Avery... Pat and Holli

  2. Praying that the beautiful Avery will continue to conquer these baby steps.

    She is amazing, as is your strength!

    Thinking of you xxx

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    13 is a lucky number!! Praying that Avery will conquer everything that is coming her way!

  4. "Mae Baby"--Such a cute and appropriate nickname. We're thinking of and praying for all of you.

  5. I'm new to your blog but I wanted to let you know I'll be praying for you all! My son was born in Bentonville, transferred to Johnson, then flew via Angel One to LR. We stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks and he came very close to having ECMO.

  6. Congratulations Carissa, Shane & Kaitlyn on the birth of Avery!! I was away from the computer yesterday and I prayed all day for that little girl. Avery is beautiful!! Thinking of you and praying that Avery is strong and continues to fight. Keep making those baby steps Avery!!

    Much love - Tracy, Ian's mom

  7. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, every minute! Keep taking those baby steps sweet Avery!!!

  8. The CVICU staff is amazing! God truly lives on this floor. The nurses wisely told us - two steps forwards, one step back. It was so true. There are set backs but the two steps forward are what is important.
    Avery is beautiful. With love -
    Heidi & Family

  9. I just found your blog through another and I wanted you to know that I am going to save your blog to my favorites and will make it top priority to pray for your little one as well.

    I am so glad she is here safe and doing ok for now. May our Lord bring her to complete restoration and allow her home very soon with her family.

    Love and Prayers,

    Rachel (Lee's Summit, MO)

  10. Avery is beautiful! We are praying for continued strength for all of you. Keep fighting, Avery!

    Baby Kayla's Grandma (Canton, NY)

  11. One baby step at a time is all she needs to be taking right now. Go Avery!!!! What a beautiful baby she is. Praying for you all!


  12. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    How touching and beautiful! We are praying for you all!!!